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About Sam

I'm Sam, a Software Devsigner and Photographer from Singapore. On my free time, I build / fix open source software projects or be out on the streets for photography. My full stack development swords include JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, Node), PHP (Laravel), HTML and CSS. Occasionally I write in C# .NET, C, C++ and Java.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. For everything else, you can reach me via email.

The Computer Science dude

Currently I am an undergraudate Computer Science major in National University of Singapore (NUS). When I am free from homework or attending lectures, I grow fascinating ideas and write code.

Since my polytechnic days, I spend some of my time surfing and contributing to Stack Overflow, especially when I need help in building software.

Back when I was a curious little boy who loved how machines work through the clever thinking behind the electrical circuits, I started experimenting with some coding at the age of 11. That eventually set me on the path to read Computer Science to deepen my knowledge and understanding.

The Photographer

In my secondary school days, I have been fascinated by those black boxes that make loud "KA-CHA" sounds. They seem to able record a thousand words at the command of its holder. Later in 2011, I finally saved up enough to buy my first DSLR: the Canon EOS 550D. I started picking up photography with the help of a few friends and through internet tutorials.

Today I own a Canon EOS 5D Mk III and have been shooting in a variety of genre, sometimes at school or freelance events. On my free weekends I like to explore Singapore from a different point of view, that is through the lens.

Holding the power and ability to capture history is always thrilling and exciting to me.